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Projects 101



These projects require a minimium of tools, they are simple yet functional and impressive, generally there is a choice whether to use a power tool or a hand tool, however some of them offer a chance to try out a new tool.

Moving on from here try browsing through the selection at Absolutely Free Plans one of the best indexes of free plans on the internet.

Simple Projects For The Home

book Holder

Spool design book holder.

heart candle holder
Easy to make candle holde
Bow Shelf

Small wall shelf

heart napkin holder
Simple napkin holder
calendar Frame
Make a frame to hold a calendar
Milking Stool
This will bring back memories of the farm.
Child's Easel

Double-sided painting & chalk board.

Mini Wishing Well
Small wishing well that doubles as a planter.
Child's Toolbox
Tote style box to make with your child.
Pergola Gate topper
Add a top to an existing gateway.
turkey cutting board plan

Information and templates.

Potting Tray
Keeps the top of your table clean.
Dachshund CD Holder

Book-end style CD holder.

Rocking Footrest

Relax at your desk

dried flower holder
Made from a cedar fence board.
speaker stand
Easy to make speaker stand.
Easy Picture Frame
Make your own unique picture frames.
three heart shelf
Wall shelf with three pegs to hang things.
Pig Fan Pull
Decorate the chains hanging from ceiling fans.
patio table

Small side table for the patio.

More Free plans and jigs from Benchnotes.com

Colt "Peacemaker" 1875

Frame for Illustration Only

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