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Shop Jigs and Fixtures 101



One of the best ways to practice your woodworking skills is to build jigs and fixtures for your shop. Jigs are used to locate the workpiece, whereas fixtures are used to hold the workpiece.

Sawing and planing jig.

Picture Frame Clamp
Simple to make clamp for mitered joints.
board center gauge

Gauge for marking center of board edge.

router t Square

Guide for cutting dados

Box Joint Jig

Join your corners with fingers.


Sawing Trestle

Good Old Fashioned Saw Horse

readboard end

How to Make Breadboard Ends

Sheet Rack

Rack to hold 4 X 8 sheets to cut them with a circular saw.

Dowel Jig
A simple jig for aligning dowel holes.
Router table

Basic table for small router, sits on a Workmate.

Adjustable Stand
Adjustable stand for long boards, etc


Simple sawhorse
Basic sawhorse made from 2 X 4's.

Plans for a work bench from the early 1900's.


Skill saw  cutting guide

Guide for ripping Sheet goods.

Wooden Knob

Wooden knobs for your shop jigs.


Table Saw Cut Guide

Jig to make accurate cross-cuts.

Miter Spline Jig

A simple jig to cut splines in mitered corners.

wooden mallet

Handy mallet from 3/4" material.



Colt "Peacemaker" 1875

Frame for Illustration Only

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